Money Laundering


PakTransfer is committed to maintaining the highest standards of integrity and compliance with anti-money laundering (AML) laws and regulations. This Anti-Money Laundering Policy outlines our commitment to preventing the use of our platform for illicit financial activities.


The primary objective of this policy is to establish and maintain effective measures for the prevention and detection of money laundering and other financial crimes. We strive to protect our platform from being used for any illegal or unethical purposes.

Customer Due Diligence (CDD):

PakTransfer conducts thorough customer due diligence before onboarding any new customer. This includes verifying the identity of customers through reliable and independent sources, understanding the nature and purpose of the business relationship, and assessing the risk associated with each customer.

Transaction Monitoring:

We employ advanced transaction monitoring systems to detect and report any suspicious transactions. Unusual or large transactions that are inconsistent with a customer's normal behavior or the nature of their business will be subject to further investigation.

Record Keeping:

PakTransfer maintains comprehensive records of all transactions, customer identification information, and due diligence measures. These records are retained for the period required by applicable laws and regulations.

Reporting and Cooperation:

If any suspicious activity is detected, PakTransfer is committed to reporting such activity to the relevant authorities in accordance with applicable laws and regulations. We also cooperate fully with law enforcement agencies and regulatory bodies.

Employee Training:

Our employees receive regular training on anti-money laundering policies and procedures to ensure a strong understanding of their role in preventing financial crimes. This training is designed to keep our team informed about the latest developments in AML regulations.


PakTransfer maintains the confidentiality of all customer information and ensures that it is only disclosed to authorized personnel and regulatory authorities as required by law.

Compliance Oversight:

We have designated a compliance officer responsible for overseeing and implementing this AML policy. The compliance officer regularly reviews and updates the policy to ensure its effectiveness and compliance with applicable laws.


PakTransfer is committed to creating a secure and compliant platform for our customers. We actively strive to prevent our services from being misused for any illegal activities, including money laundering. We will continue to update and enhance our AML policies and procedures to adapt to the evolving regulatory landscape.

Last updated: [28-11-2023]

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